WHO WE ARENetalkers is a combined form of the words “networking” and “talkers” and we offer services to Local Authorities and Membership Organisations.

1. Local Authorities: Local Business Network

We partner with local authorities to collate a local business directory and build a strong network of local suppliers.

For the local business owners, benefit from:

- connect with local businesses for networking

- create supply chain among local businesses

- be suppliers for local authorities

- promote products/services to local consumers

- create nationwide promotion with google accessibility

- build local business community

For local authorities, benefit from:

- create local supply chain

- build effective business links with business community by establishing a database

- create local procurement system within the community

- save time and money on building local online community

- create online community for interactive communication

2. Membership Organisations: exclusive online membership community

We partner with commercial, professional and non-commercial membership organisations to provide our services to create exclusive online membership community.

For Membership Organisations Members:

- create personal profile for networking

- search for members database

- create networking opportunities among members

- start networking before events and after throughout our system

- get the best use of being a member

Membership Organisations:

- generate extra revenue for your organisation

- attract more members to register with your organisation

- build strong rapport with your members

- offer more services to your members

For more information please contact us at

Let’s Netalk!

BUSINESSCreate a professional showcase for your business information, products/services and staff. Your customers will get better understanding of what you do through this one stop information page. Also Customers recommendations and reviews on your goods will highlight your business products/service. Finding the right person in your business to contact for sales, promotion will save time.

PROMOTIONLet people know your products/services and special sales promotions. You can create and update your postings by yourself without a hassle. With this easy and fast self-posting promotion, you can manage sales and promote your goods effectively. Don’t miss out the chance of increasing your sales beyond your existing customers. Promotion connects you with your customers better.

EVENTSFind information on networking events in your community, where you can connect with customers, other business owners, and mentors and make the most of your networking opportunity. You can track who will attend and plan who you will meet. If you lost contact at event, Netalkers’ internal email system will help you to get back on the track. We help to connect to the right person and save you time.

COMMUNITYCommunity is a free communication board for everyone. You can freely share, discuss news and ideas with others in your community.

TRADE ROTHERHAMWe are partnered with Trade Rotherham in supporting and connecting local businesses in Rotherham, UK. This is an exclusive membership service available to registered users only. If you want to be a member of Trade Rotherham, please contact Trade Rotherham at for more information.

If you want to be a partner with Netalkers please send us email at

  • Moorgate Croft Business Centre, South Grove, Rotherham S60 2DH UK
  • Company Number 09891430 link