Trade Rotherham Launched

to stimulate local business and to encourage companies to Buy Local





The Rotherham Business Growth Board are pleased to announce the launch of  www.TradeRotherham.co.uk.  Trade Rotherham has been developed to increase business awareness whilst promoting and develop inter-trading between Rotherham businesses.  Trade Rotherham has the support of major companies within the town as well as the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, NHS Trust and The RNN Group. 




Registering your business on Trade Rotherham is FREE OF CHARGE


Once you have created a login you can upload your company profile and add any promotions. You can also search for other local businesses who have registered who you may wish to do business with or source a product or service from.  Once you logged in, the site has been purposely designed to be exceptionally user friendly.




Promote your products or services 


Built within the site, we have developed a special offers page where, for a nominal fee, you can add a promotion for your products or services, which Trade Rotherham will promote to the network of business registered on the site.  




Business Growth Board Chair, Julia Bloomer said:


“The Business Growth Board believe that all companies can procure more goods and services locally than they do currently. Regardless of the size of business or organisation, Trade Rotherham has been specifically designed to encourage business to trade and buy from other local businesses within the Borough of Rotherham”



Trade Rotherham also includes local events section so you can find Business orientated and networking events for you to attend.  If you have an event you would like us to list, please let us know.



The site will be promoted in every which way possible, to ensure success and to ensure business in Rotherham thrives.  We are aware that not all services and product can be sourced locally but we want to ensure as much business as possible is done between local businesses.



The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust, Rotherham Council, Wentworth Woodhouse and other businesses in the town are planning to regularly promote tender opportunities on the ‘community’ section of Trade Rotherham.







Register your business with Trade Rotherham




If you run a business in Rotherham, you are eligible to register your business for free. Only Rotherham based businesses can register their business information at Trade Rotherham. 




               A.  Register your business 


                      Click REGISTER




                                                                                                                              1. Type email address

                                                                                                                              2. Create your own passwor

                                                                                                                              3. Click both

                                                                                                                              4. Click OK




               B. Create your business profile


                                                                                                       1. Fill out the form

                                                                                                       2. Upload your business logo or image

                                                                                                       3. Click ok




               NOTICE: Trade Rotherham will get back to you after verifying your business.

                         Log in after you receive an email from us to use other services.






               C. Promote your business 



               About  Let people know who you are!







               Products/Services  Let people know what you do!








                       Staff  Let people know who you work with!









Businesses from other regions


You are not eligible to use the services. However, you might be eligible for a Guest member so please contact Trade Rotherham at traderotherham@rido.org.uk for more information.





Consumer in Rotherham


Sign up or login with facebook. You can find information on local businesses and communities in your region with some limited access. 


Create a professional showcase for your business information, products/services and staff. Your customers will get better understanding of what you do through this one stop information page.  Also customers can leave reviews on your goods and services which leads to greater confidence in your business and will enable your business to grow. It will save time for your customers to find the right person in your business to contact for sales, promotion and others.  You are able to manage your own details so you can choose to share contact details with other members or not.




Find information on business networking events in Rotherham, where you can connect, face to face, with customers, other business owners, and mentors. You can track who will attend and plan who you will meet. If you lost contact details from a networking event, Trade Rotherham’s internal email system will help you to get back on the track.




Community is a free communication board for everyone. You can freely share, discuss news and ideas with others in your community.  If you have a particular issue, both positive or negative,  that you would like to share and discuss,  this is the forum to do it.  Members of The Business Growth Board will be checking discussion daily and escalating all comments and will respond accordingly.  It is important local businesses have the opportunity to have their say. 




Why not take advantage of our online promotions page and promote your business and its service direct to other local business with a special offer.  From just £10 per month (No contract), with this easy, cost effective and fast self-posting promotion, you can manage sales and promote your goods effectively, direct to other local businesses. Don’t miss out the chance of increasing your sales beyond your existing customers. 



          1. Promotion Services






          2. Buy one of our services


               Please go to Sign in - My page - My payment to buy one of the services. You can see your order at Manage my products under PROMOTION. 










          3.  Post your promotion


            Click Promotion No and create your own advertisement.  







          4.  Check your post at Promotion!








  • Moorgate Croft Business Centre, South Grove, Rotherham S60 2DH UK
  • Company Number 09891430 link